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Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictures of Presley

Ok, so I was chastised for not having any pictures of Presley so here are a few.

Pat and Presley on Sunday the 17th.
These are just some random picutres of her

Last night we had her laughing but when I took the picture she just stuck out her tounge at us.

Fallen Officer Ride

Sunday the 17th was the Fallen officer ride. It took off at the Harley store and went up to the capitol. It was green lights all the way up. I am sure all the people who were stuck while we passed were not very pleased but oh well. It was so much fun. I haven't really been able to ride all summer so it was really nice to go. Hopefully the next ride I will be able to take my own bike. I just need a little more practice on it before I go with a whole bunch of people.

View from the bike

Here is my brother Danny
Our good friends James and Dayna.
One of the roads blocked off in Salt Lake
View in the back from the mirror

Blog update

have missed updating on the blog. I was so busy this summer with trying to get my basement finished before I came back to work and just spending time with Kendal and Presley. So now that I am back here are some things that we did this summer. We went to the farm at the Thanksgiving Point. Kendal really liked ridding the horse. She didn't want to get off.

The 4th of July is always fun. We went to the booths and the Kids fair and they were doing hair here is her random hair do.

We went to Seven Peaks with our neighbors. It was really fun until we left because someone stole my shoes. Not so fun.

Random pictures from this summer. Kendal was dressed one morning and said that her feet were cold so she came to me and asked if she could go like this. I just laughed and said umm no.
Don't know if you can see her eye make up she put blush on her eyes and eyeliner. She looked so hot.

24th of July parade. Kendal loves parades. Here are some pictures to prove it.

Here is Pat singing at the Grand Opening of the new Harley building the week of the 24th. Kendal is watching her dad and is loving it. She got up and danced on the stage with him.

Kendal was in the Santaquin parade for her dance group. After the parade they performed in the park. She was so excited for it.

Kendal took swimming lessons at the new Payson pool. She loved it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to work

Well I am back to work today. I have mixed emotions about it. At least I didn't have to drop the kids off that is Pat's job. But... they are in good hands. My friend and neighbor watches them. I will let you know how they do today.