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Friday, January 9, 2009

Jonny Boy

I have some really sad news my friend and co-worker
Jon Paine passed away on Tuesday evening.
Jon I am going to miss all of the funny quirky things that you do.
Your funny jokes even when you and Adam are really the only ones to find them funny.
I am going to miss being irritated when you would put on lotion
and then wipe your hands off with a tissue.
Miss you and Adam being the only two guys at work baby showers.
Miss you whistling the show tunes down the hall
and sitting at your computer talking about all of the Hair bands.
Asking you questions about work just to be re assured
and you would never get annoyed with me.
Hearing the phone slam down and you yell IDIOT!!
Because someone would ask you a dumb ccr question.
Your Jerk questionnaire and no one knew it was you that made it.
Miss watching you fall in love with Dawn
and talk so much about how beautiful she is and
how you couldn't wait to see her in her wedding dress.
It just makes me sad that you only had a 3 short months together.

Jon work will never be the same. You will be truly missed by all! Click here to read more about him.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Ok, so I know that it is a little late for it but I haven't bloged for a while. Here are some pictures from Christmas. I was a good one for us hope it was good for you.
Kendal with her HS Musical doll and her HM lip gloss set
Camera case from Grandma

Pat finally got his digital rebel

I got a wii and the wii fit. I love it.

Presley with her new beanie

Presley and her first Christmas present

Kendal got a new Barbie and car from Brian, Maryann and the boys for Christmas. She loves it.

Pat and the girls at his parents house on Christmas Eve.

Kendal got her camera from Santa. Now maybe mine won't be lost from time to time.

Presley opening her first present from Santa. She was so excited can't you tell.

Kendal got her Chocolate milk from Santa.

Presley with her new jammies from Grandma and Grandpa

Kendal and Presley at Grandma and Grandpa's

Jeremy Horn's MMA Elite Fight Night

This is the second round. I will try to get the first round up tonight sometime.

Pat's little brother Brian does the MMA and fought on saturday night. He is in the black shorts. He won in the third round. He did awesome. I was really ticked my battery died during the last part of the second round. I guess video takes up alot more juice than regular pictures.